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Natural plywood houses and furniture

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Module houses

Build your own house

Are you looking for creative toys for your child?

In response to a flood of plastic toys, we propose houses and furniture for dolls (and not only) made of plywood!

We care about the highest quality of the product, using only the best, selected materials.
Our toys are made of high quality plywood, which has FSC certificate. They have a rough finish and you can paint it with acrylic paints, which allows for different color variants and activates child’s creativity.

The POLISH VINTAGE series refers to the style of Polish furniture from the 1960s.

Our products are designed by the architect, the POLISH VINTAGE series refers to the style of European furniture from the 1960s. We want to promote native design and shape the sense of aesthetics in the youngest.

Our houses and furniture are produced in two, most common scales for dolls. For Barbie dolls (about 30cm) 1: 6 scale will be suitable; for small (12cm) dollies – 1:12.

Our products are available in the DESIGN FORUM in Krakow!


ul. Focha 1, 30-111 Kraków

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