Are you looking for alternative furniture for Barbie dolls?

Does your child play with small dolls or mascots?
Or maybe you are a collector yourself?

Our furniture is produced in two, most common scales for dolls.
For Barbie dolls (about 30cm) 1: 6 scale will be suitable; for small (12cm) dollies – 1:12.

Dolls that can use big sets: (1:6 scale):

  • Barbie,
  • Monster High,
  • mascots and teddies up to 30cm and width up to 8cm;

Dolls that can use little sets (1:12 scale):

  • LOL Surprise
  • mascots and teddies up to 15cm and width up to 4cm;

The dimensions of individual elements can be found in the sets’ descriptions.

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