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Dollhouse for barbie dolls – BIG


Big modular house – consists 1 room and 1 roof module.

Dollhouse in 1:6 scale

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Uwaga: Nieodpowiednie dla dzieci w wieku poniżej 3 lat!

Każdy element ma cechy indywidualne ze względu na materiał, z którego wykonany jest produkt.


Modular house – this set includes: 1 room and 1 roof. Each room has door on each side wall.
House can be easily assembly and disassembly.
It can be form in different ways and its possible to extend it – by buying another modules (roofs and rooms) and fill with furniture.

Big house for “barbie” dolls or plush toys up to 30cm high.
Modules – rooms and roofs are light, child can arrange them in many ways, which allows for creative play. Houses have rough finish and can be painted.

Houses are made of certified plywood 6mm.

House dimensions (as on picture) – 45 x 42 x (h)76cm

House does not contain furniture!


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